Audiant 80i Unveiled

Audiant 80i Integrated AmplifierAt Perreaux, aspiration has never been a problem. Neither has execution. Our standards can be an issue but perseverance gets us up that mountain. So at Perreaux we have taken our strengths, overcome our weaknesses and have developed a stunning new amplifier.

It is with immense pride, satisfaction and even a little bit of love, that we bring to you AUDIANT 80i. We would like to say it was inspired by a cool blue day in Otago, or by the way clean linen flutters in a spring breeze. But it wasn't, it is another Perreaux product inspired by nothing more or less complex than MUSIC. An amplifier designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest standard by people who share your obsession with sound.

Arriving with a full array of inputs to suit almost any need, AUDIANT 80i will make the most out of any source you care to attach. Multiple digital connections to the internal DAC, make computer based integration easy, while the refined and composed onboard phono stage allows you to continue enjoying vinyl playback.

A Hi-Fi component that has all the control and finesse that people have come to expect from Perreaux aligned with a sleek and thoroughly modern look. AUDIANT 80i is our graceful combination of form and function, expertise and precision. When it was finished, we stood back and realised that we didn't just hit the target. We split the arrow.

EDIT: We've added a few more images to our Flickr page, take a peek.

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