Exclusive Harvey Norman Evening

Exclusive Harvey Norman EveningHarvey Norman & Perreaux would like to extend an invitation for you to attend an evening of Sound Demonstrations. During the evening we will be offering a sneak pre-release demonstration of our new amplifier, AUDIANT 80i.

There will be big amps and mighty speakers from some of the world's most respected brands. Garth from Theophany Loudspeakers will be there showing his award winning M5 Signature speakers - which have to be heard to be believed.

As the release of AUDIANT 80i approaches we are busy perfecting, polishing and testing. On Monday December 13th we get a chance to show you what we have been doing for the past year in Dunedin. Yes, playing AUDIANT 80i to a room full of audiophiles makes us nervous. However it's that, just before a first kiss, sort of nerves. Not the, didn't do our homework, kind.

The demonstration evening is at Wellesley Boutique Hotel, 2-8 Maginnity Street, Wellington on Monday December 13th at 6pm.

Please RSVP to secure your position as spaces are limited.

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