A Duet With Eloquent Brilliance

eloquence 150i Review Son & ImageEsteemed Canadian audio magazine Son & Image have reviewed the éloquence 150i integrated amplifier along with Harbeth Super HL5 loudspeakers.

Reviewer Michel Leroux had these words to say about the 150i:

“...demontre l'aptitude de cet integre a maintenir les membranes des transducteurs des enceintes en place suite a un deplacement, un impact ou un <> avec pour resultat, des basses rondes mais fermes, une dynamique et une tres bonne definition sonore sans pour autant induire de son trop sec ou dur.”

Which, courtesy of Google Translate, roughly translates to:

“...demonstrates the aptitude of this integrated to maintain control of the speaker after a displacement, or impact "beat", resulting in the bass being low but tight, a dynamic and a very good definition sound without being too dry or hard.”

Unfortunately we don't have an English translation of the review, but if you can read French, check out Michel's review of the 150i.

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