Perreaux Launches New Compact Disc Transport

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Perreaux Launches New Compact Disc Transport

DUNEDIN, New Zealand (March 4th, 2010) – New Zealand hi fi amplifier manufacturer Perreaux is proud to announce the launch of the éloquence CDt compact disc transport.

A CD transport behaves exactly like a normal CD player - but instead of the audio output being an analogue signal, it outputs the digital data from the disc and requires an external digital-to-analogue converter (DAC).

The CDt is the perfect partner for the éloquence 150i or 250i integrated amplifiers, and is designed to complement and seamlessly integrate with their onboard 24-bit/192kHz upsampling DAC.

"As a dedicated CD platform, the éloquence CDt captures the heart and soul of the 16-bit/44.1kHz CD format," says Perreaux Managing Director, Martin van Rooyen, "revealing the full potential of the humble compact disc."

The CDt features transformer coupled BNC and RCA outputs, as well as an optical TOSLINK output, to transmit the 16-bit/44.1kHz SPDIF digital signal. Separate digital interface transmitters ensure each digital output is optimized to keep interface induced jitter at a minimum.

The custom-designed toroid power transformer and regulated power supplies, along with judicious power supply filtering, keeps unwanted noise from affecting sensitive clock signals and minimizes noise related jitter.

The éloquence CDt is smart-home ready with full control via the RS232 serial port, trigger input & output and infrared (IR) input & output on the rear of the unit.

Solid construction and build-quality has always been a Perreaux hallmark, the éloquence CDt is no exception; the robust chassis design, 18mm thick milled aluminum front panel and unique surface finish exudes luxury and quality that will last a lifetime.

The éloquence CDt is available now from your local hi fi dealer.

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