SM6 MkII & 350 Comprehensive with Colossal Power

Prisma SM6 MkII & 350 Review Haute FideliteThe Prisma SM6 MkII preamplifier and 350 power amplifier have been reviewed by Laurent Thorin in French audio magazine Haute Fidélité.

The SM6 MkII and 350 inspired these words from Laurent:

“Le préamplificateur est assez complet, et facilement pilotable. Quant à l’amplificateur, il propose une puissance colossale, qui permettra d’alimenter sans aucun problème les enceintes les plus gourmandes. Voilà donc des réalisations recommandables, à considérer avec attention.”

Which, thanks again to Google Translate, translates to:

“The preamplifier is quite comprehensive, and easily controllable. As for the amplifier, it provides colossal power, which will supply without any problem the most demanding speakers. These are commendable achievements, worthy of attention.”

Sorry, we don't have an English version of this review, but for those who can read French, the review of the SM6 MkII and 350 is available in it's entirety.

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