HiFi Zine Reviews Audiant 80i

Review | Perreaux Audiant 80i Integrated Amp | Hifi ZineOur Audiant 80i integrated amplifier has been reviewed by Patrick Dillon for hifi and audio webzine HiFi Zine.

Patrick enjoyed the Audiant 80i a lot and it seems many others who heard it in his system did too. Here are a few snippets of what he had to say about the amp in his review:

“The midrange is, of course, where we are most sensitive to timbre and articulation... ...you will be happy to know that the mids are the integrated amp’s strong point.”

“...you are getting a serious piece of equipment here with power, inputs galore, and sonics that make you wonder just where the corners were cut to get it all done for this price.”

“This is truly a 21st century integrated amp with old-fashioned audiophile qualities. Well done Perreaux.”

Head over to HiFi Zine and read Patrick's review of the Audiant 80i to get the full picture.

Many thanks to Walter at Fidelis Distribution, our US distributor, for supplying the review sample.

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