Russia Reviews Audiant 80i

Review - Audiant 80i Integrated Amplifier - Salon AudioVideoOur Audiant 80i Integrated Amplifier, or "Digital Stereo Receiver" as Mike Wechsberg calls this relatively new class of amplifier, was recently reviewed in Russia by Salon AudioVideo magazine and Stereo & Video magazine.

The first thing the reviewer for Salon AudioVideo found was:

“the complete neutrality of the amplifier, the lack of even the slightest veil, the desire to hide, or, conversely, to emphasize any nuances.”

Check out the original Salon AudioVideo review in Russian, or scoot over to read an English translation of the Audiant 80i review.

The review panel at Stereo & Video must have really enjoyed their time with the Audiant 80i:

“Listening ended well after midnight and we went from the office in good spirits - we rarely get an apparatus which would have justified such a promising title.”

Read the Stereo & Video review in Russian, or the English translation if your Russian isn't so flash.

Thanks to Salon AudioVideo and Stereo & Video for taking the time to review the Audiant 80i Integrated Amplifier and Audiomania for supplying the review samples.

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