Audiant 80i Reviewed by Haute Fidélité

Review - Audiant 80i Integrated Amplifier - Haute FideliteOur Audiant 80i integrated amplifier continues to be well-reviewed around the World, with the latest review coming from esteemed French hi-fi audio magazine Haute Fidélité.

Reviewer Patrice Philippe found "the Audiant 80i has an extended bandwidth, especially low frequency. On several tracks, we enjoyed quite unusually deep bass", and he continues "despite this, it is not highlighted and the sound spectrum is balanced".

This seems to be a common finding with the Audiant 80i; Marek Dyba was similarly impressed by its ability to reproduce bass in his review of the Audiant 80i for High Fidelity. The small stature of the Audiant 80i is deceiving, but it's clear that the 80i is no slouch when reproducing bass frequencies.

Dynamics are an essential criteria of a sound recording and, therefore, a quality audio system must be able to faithfully reproduce these dynamics. Regarding the dynamic performance of the Audiant 80i Patrice noted "the very good signal to noise ratio of the amplifier section in conjunction with the excellent integrated DAC contributes to this enviable result".

Patrice was equally impressed with the transparency displayed by the Audiant 80i observing "music has body and weight, but also lightness and finesse", which "provides coherent reproduction and an often lively atmosphere" he continued.

All in all a great review of the Audiant 80i, we must thank Patrice for taking the time to review it and also our distributor in France, DEA International, for supplying the review sample.

Feel free to read Patrice's review of the Audiant 80i integrated amplifier as it appeared in Haute Fidélité.

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