Initial Reactions to Audiant 80i

Audiant 80i Integrated Amplifier Front LeftWe feel so proud and happy. Watching the internet light up with glowing reviews of our Audiant 80i Integrated Amplifier. Seeing the factory fill up and empty out to meet orders. Taking phone calls with people loving their new amplifier. This is what we were hoping for and so much more. The response has been fantastic and unanimous. Would it be arrogant of us to say we knew it would be? Maybe, but we have spent so much time listening to the Audiant, not one of us had a moments doubt. Why say anything else ourselves when others are saying it for us.

Neil Gader reviewing for The Absolute Sound said “And the Audiant 80i integrated amplifier is, in my view, the right amp at the right time… Audiant 80i is a refreshing mix of old-school cred and cool shout-outs to the current zeitgeist.”

YN Audio in the Netherlands tells us  “First impression is really good, the size is so much smaller than the amps I’m used too but the sound quality not. I’m still running in but it already has a full bodied sound, projects a good sound stage, good detail in mids and high and till above ¾ of the volume still sounds tight. To be honest, amazing what this small package has to offer.”

Ashley Kramer at Witchdoctor writes “…what I appreciated here. Absolute screeds of detail, accurate imaging on a deep soundstage and a sense of control and precision that add up to a clean and non-fatiguing sound.…but based on my short weekend session, I’d say this amp sounds like it can more than live up to its price tag and heritage.”

Our Canadian agent Gunnar Van Vliet of Planet of Sound e-mails “First impressions on the Audiant. This is the best amplifier at it's price hands down… Absolutely top notch work here boys.”

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