Greetings From the Other Side of Christmas

Greetings From the Other Side of ChristmasWe are glad the weather has been nasty here in Dunedin.  Otherwise it would have left us staring out the window, wanting to go to the beach.  When what we really needed to be doing was making Audiant amplifiers.  Yes there are distractions over the New Year – cake, ham and the promise of summer.  But we turned our back on all the frivolous distractions that seem designed to hamper our will to build Audiants.

We ignored the pleasures that the season offered.  We stayed inside and made amps, because that’s what we do.  We didn’t fuss around on the internet, we didn’t see enough of our families, and we didn’t get a tan let alone sunburnt.  But it was worth it.  The only person who avoided the production madness was our Account Manager.  We sent him into the arms of a different kind of lunacy – the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  Read Cain’s report on CES, T.H.E. Show and his time in Vegas.

Sales for the Audiant have been more than we could have hoped for.  Our international retail partners have embraced it.  Harvey Norman here in New Zealand is doing such a great job in advertising, displaying and demonstrating the Audiant 80i that we have broken all previous sales records.  There has been talk of shackling staff to their workbenches, but it’s unnecessary, nobody here is going anywhere.  We know what we have is special and we want to produce enough so that everybody who wants to hear it can.

When we launched Audiant we asked a very simple question “Are you listening?”  It appears that the resounding answer is YES.

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