Audiant 80i + Free Squeezebox Touch = :-)

Audio Emotion Audiant Free SqueezeboxThe passionate guys over at Audio Emotion in the UK are so excited about our Audiant 80i that they're giving away a free Squeezebox Touch with every unit bought for a limited time.

Audio Emotion are a recent addition to our worldwide dealer network and are super excited to add Perreaux to the mix, alongside other high-end offerings such as Verity, Audio Physic and MBL.

Audio Emotion Ltd. is a family business based in Fife, Scotland – brothers Gary and Mark Cargill are both music lovers at heart. Both are keen musicians; with Gary keeping his neighbours up at night with his Saxophone playing, and Mark often found strumming the chords to Smoke on the Water whenever he has the chance. Gary was also previously an electronics engineer for Marconi Instruments, which he says has been “quite handy” at the shop over the years... I’m sure it has!!

Their shop offers over 2000 sq. ft. of audio indulgence, with a huge cross-section of equipment always on display for demonstration.

In regard to their appointment as Perreaux dealers, Gary said:

“We are understandably delighted to have been awarded the Perreaux brand, as it offers the potential client something very, very unique from a very forward-thinking audio manufacturer – one only needs to look at the new groundbreaking Audiant 80i integrated amplifier: 80Wpc, MOSFET output, high-current toroidal power supply, exceptional build, host of digital inputs feeding an upsampling DAC, iTunes control, and built-in phono stage; to understand why reviewers worldwide have waxed lyrical in regard to it's real world performance – our new stock is arriving in the next few days, and our diary is already full with customers desperate to audition!! – Given it's price and wonderful musicality I can fully understand the excitement”

It's evident Gary and Mark are pumped to have Perreaux, check out the full-page advert about to drop in the major UK publications. Plus, they totally get what the Audiant 80i is about. Audition one today and take them up on their offer of a free Squeezebox Touch.

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