Feedback from Shanghai International Show 2011

Audiant 80i Shanghai High-End Hi-Fi ShowOur room at the recent Shanghai International High-End Hi-Fi Show seemed to be well-received with many audiophiles liking what they heard.

The room was set up with our Prisma line of separates (CD1 CD player, SM6 MkII preamplifier350 power amplifier), while the Audiant 80i was used as a DAC for the playback of high-res 24-bit/96kHz material.

Other components used to complement our gear were Wilson Audio Duette loudspeakers, Transparent Audio speaker cables, Siltech interconnects, White Gold power cords and a power conditioner from ExactPower.

Shanghai International High-End Hi-Fi Show Prisma 1

The feedback from the Shanghai show has been limited, but Raymond from Kinetic Audio (our distributor in Hong Kong and China) did say:

"The show is very well. The sound in our room is very attractive. Many audiophiles are like the sound of our room."

Shanghai International High-End Hi-Fi Show Prisma 2

Raymond ordered a pallet-load of power amps straight after the show – can't have been too bad if that is anything to go by. So we get the feeling that the show was a success.

BRAVO Raymond and Kinetic Audio.

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