Audiant 80i Reviewed by HiFiMusic

Perreaux Audiant 80i Review HiFiMusicOur Audiant 80i integrated amplifier received very favourable initial reactions shortly after its release and reviews are beginning to emerge qualifying these initial impressions.

Issue 213 of The Absolute Sound features a review of the Audiant 80i by Neil Gader, where Neil calls the 80i "the right amp at the right time".

Following on from The Absolute Sound review, HiFiMusic from Israel recently posted an Audiant 80i review on their website.

With their WLM La Scala loudspeakers they found the 80i punched well above its weight, producing "deep and powerful bass", in fact the bass was the first "special feature" they noticed.

All in all the Audiant 80i gets their recommendation, "What is certain is that I do not have to think twice before I would recommend to anyone looking for a transistor amplifier at this price to hear the 80i. Actually I do not have to think at all".

For those whose Hebrew isn't so sharp, you can read the Audiant 80i review translated by Google (albeit a bit rough and disjointed).

Many thanks to BG Sound, our distributor in Israel, for supplying the review sample.

Further reviews of the Audiant 80i are pending, with a number of reviewers enjoying time with the Audiant 80i at the minute – so keep an eye out for reviews to drop out of the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Sweden and USA very soon. Follow us on Twitter, or join us on Facebook, and we'll keep you up to speed with reviews hot-off-the-press.

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