Haute Fidélité Reviews éloquence 250i

Haute Fidelite Review 250i Integrated AmplifierThe April issue of French hi-fi audio magazine Haute Fidélité features a review of our éloquence 250i integrated amplifier.

Reviewer Laurent Thorin was so enamoured with the 250i he was compelled to rate it 5-stars across the board. I can't recall any time where we've scored full marks for every category. We've come close on a number of occasions, but never 100%. Understandably, we were very excited about his findings.

"The Eloquence Perreaux 250i appropriates personality perfectly" comments Laurent regarding the timbre of the 250i, "the adjective "realistic" fits like a glove", he continues.

With respect to soundstage, Laurent found "The listener is immersed in music, but it extends to the back of the room, offering a perspective that is a pleasure to enjoy, even when the song becomes more complex".

"Precise in the way he has to bring out micro-data with a perfect "appropriateness". Exhaustive as to the amount of items it manages to highlight" is what he discovered when appraising transparency.

We're very pleased that Laurent enjoyed his time with the éloquence 250i and would like to thank him for taking the time to review it. We would also like to thank Haute Fidélité magazine and our distributor in France, DEA International, for supplying the review sample.

For those who can read French, please feel free to read Laurent's review of the éloquence 250i integrated amplifier.

*all translations courtesy of Google Translate.


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