Musical Revelations in Melbourne

Midas AV B&W 800 and PrismaLast week brought a delightful new tone to the Perreaux dynamic. My role as account manager lead me to visit a new distributor in the tremendous city of Melbourne, Australia. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. The gentlemen at Midas AV have partnered with Perreaux to pounce on the ever expanding Australian market. Combining their dedication to superior sound and their depth of knowledge in hi fi, with the range of equipment at their disposal, the sky isn't the limit – Nick, Louie and Stan can create a system that will push you clear through the clouds.

I have sat in front of some fairly astonishing set ups. Earlier this year in Las Vegas I heard Wilson loudspeakers, a full McIntosh system and a pair of Vivid Giya powered by a top line Luxman. Financially these stereo are the things of dreams. Only the most affluent need even consider. In Melbourne I heard a stereo that, while a stretch, could well find a way into my house. If only I could convince my significant other that it was worth it. All I need to do is get her on a plane to Melbourne. Sit her in the upstairs demo room that has a pair of Bowers & Wilkins 800 powered by a mighty Perreaux Prisma 350 power amp, SM6 MkII pre and CD1 CD player. I am certain even my highly discerning better half would not be able to deny the revelatory experience provided by this stereo.

Stan dug into his massive CD wallet and pulled out a copy of Gypsy Soul: New Flamenco, went directly to track 11 and immediately I knew that something special was happening to my ears. I have always said that when you hear a great stereo it has a similar effect to a beautiful woman whispering in your ear. A spine tingling heightening of the nerves that dwell just below the skin. Well, the Prisma and 800s did that and more. She wasn't just whispering in my ear, she had her hand on my arm and was laughing at all my jokes as well. The full court press, like my auditory canals were on fire.

It was right then that my brain started to curse itself. What I wouldn't have given to have some of my own CD's there. To be able to hear Neutral Milk Hotel, Shellac, Black Sabbath, Kate Bush, John Coltrane, Wu Tang, Sonic Youth, Uncle Tupelo, The Birthday Party; all that stuff I listen to first when I demo a system for myself. Because now there is a hole in me, a void that can only be filled by hearing those bands playing on that stereo. The cost of that will be more to me than money. It will be a commitment to do lawns, take out recycling, make fresh pasta and generally tidy up after myself. To obtain such a magnificent sound for myself to access every day I will have to look her deep in the eyes and promise to behave like a responsible, considerate adult.

So I would like to say thanks. Huge thanks to Nick, Louie and Stan who were so kind to a travel weary guy from Dunedin. Thanks to them for allowing me to sit in their lovely space and listen to some amazing music on some fantastic systems. Thanks to Midas for giving me something to aspire towards in the coming year. And my good lady would like to thank them as well. Now she has got me right where she wants me, desperate for new speakers and willing to do anything, even painting the deck and acting my age. Which I'm willing to do, because after all, I could get a lot of housework done with that stereo blasting the new Beastie Boys album... just like a good grown up.

If you're interested in Perreaux and want locate a dealer, or have trade related enquiries, you should contact Louie at Midas AV on 0403 473 980.

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