Audiant 80i Earns Audio Art Best Recommendation

Review : Audiant 80i Integrated Amplifier : Audio ArtReviews on the Audiant 80i integrated amplifier are starting to flood in. Audio Art hi-fi magazine in Taiwan recently reviewed the Audiant 80i in their May issue (no. 272) and awarded it their 'Best Recommendation'.

Reviewer Lin Yihong found the Audiant 80i had "extraordinary low-frequency control" and couldn't help but groove to the music "a feature in the performance of attention to speed, rhythm and energy of jazz playing, can be irresistible charm, can not help but swing dance with the melody".

Along with Neil Gader (TAS 213 May/June 2011) and Ken Kessler (Hi-Fi News July 2011), Lin reiterated the notion that the Audiant 80i is the amplifier for TODAY – with it's bevy of digital & analogue inputs and onboard phono stage.

When using the onboard 24bit/96kHz ESS Tech Sabre DAC Lin said the sound field showed "a more open three-dimensional far-reaching sense, musical instruments, vocals and delicate texture is more smooth", basically "the sound improvement was substantial".

Lin had no hesitation in awarding Audio Art magazine's Best Recommendation to the Audiant 80i.

Read Lin's review of the Audiant 80i in Chinese to get the entire picture, alternatively Google's translation of the review breaks it down in English (it's crude, but you get the gist).

Thank you Lin for taking the time to review the Audiant integrated amplifier.  Thanks also to Sheng-Kai, our distributor in Taiwan, for providing the review sample.

*all translations courtesy of Google Translate.

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