New 100W Power Amp Joins Audiant Range

New 100W Power Amplifier Joins Audiant RangeLast month we unveiled the Audiant DP32 DAC Preamplifier at T.H.E. Show in Las Vegas and the feedback to date has been very positive in anticipation of its arrival. Following the announcement we were inundated with people asking if there will be a power amp to match the Audiant DAC Preamp. At the time nothing was confirmed other than "yes, there will be a matching amp at some stage".

A lot can happen in a month and I'm very pleased to announce that a 100W power amplifier will be available to match the new DAC preamp and confirm that the Audiant 100p Stereo Power Amplifier will be shipping at the same time as the DP32 DAC Preamplifier. In conjunction with the DAC Preamp, the 100p will provide a wonderful pre/power combination for the Audiant range and is a logical step up from the Audiant 80i integrated amplifier.

With a few subtle tweaks over the 80i – 100W per channel, balanced input circuitry, increased smoothing capacitance, shunt regulation and power supply filtering; it is amazing what advancements are made in the level of transparency, detail and dynamics. The 80i integrated amp is an accomplished amplifier, as the reviews will attest, but this new power amp has raised the bar on what is possible in this category.

Check out the Audiant 100p Stereo Power Amplifier datasheet for a full run-down of features and specifications.

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