Best Amplifier in 2011... Audiant 80i

Best Amplifier 2011 - Audiant 80i - Audio VideoEvery year at South Africa's premier audio video magazine Audio Video the reviewing team look back on the year that was and select the six components that were the highlights of their evaluation year.

For 2011 our Audiant 80i integrated amp made it into Joel Kopping's top six components and was his best amplifier for 2011.

This is what Joel had to say about the Audiant 80i, the amplifier which impressed him the most in 2011:

“Being a stereo fan, one of my six of the best for 2011 is an amplifier, and once again the product listed takes this spot by the slimmest of margins. It had to be good, as it was up against the likes of Audiolab, Anthem, Thomas Rogoff Audio and Dussun (and I still have the awesome V8i on loan).”

“The amplifier to make the top six did so because it sounded good, was solidly built and included a digital input, making it a little more flexible than some of the others.”

“My top amplifier for 2011 therefore is the Perreaux Audiant 80i.”

Thanks Joel, we're honoured and extremely flattered that you chose the Audiant 80i as your best amplifier in 2011.

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