Perreaux Announces Release of 32-bit USB DAC Preamplifier


Perreaux Announces Release of 32-bit USB DAC Preamplifier

DUNEDIN, New Zealand (June 18, 2012) – Perreaux, a New Zealand designer and manufacturer of home audio equipment, announced the release of their new high resolution audio preamplifier, the Audiant DP32. A fully balanced analogue preamplifier with on-board 32-bit/192kHz DAC and asynchronous USB audio streaming, the Audiant DP32 is well-equipped to playback today’s high resolution digital music.

“The DP32 raises the bar both for sound performance and musical enjoyment,” said Martin van Rooyen, Perreaux managing director. “With ultra-low distortion and high dynamic range, the Audiant DP32 is ready to make your high resolution music sound the best it ever has.”

At the heart of the Audiant DP32 DAC is ESS Technology’s flagship 32-bit Sabre³² ES9018 reference digital to analogue converter and with six digital inputs (one AES/EBU, one asynchronous USB, two coaxial & two optical) the DP32 accepts all digital audio interfaces.

To ensure the DP32 sounds as good as it possibly can the Perreaux design team have included features such as – digital re-clocking for jitter reduction, discrete shunt regulators to provide clean power, a buffered passive volume control for extremely low noise and direct coupled inputs to retain purity and tonal balance.

The fully balanced analogue preamplifier offers two buffered analogue inputs and accommodates both balanced XLR and single-ended RCA cables and a selectable home theatre bypass allows seamless integration into any home theatre system.

Continuing the forward-thinking modern appearance of the Audiant range, the design of the DP32 is a welcome change among a wealth of uninspiring audio gear. Equipped with an intuitive and easy to use touch panel interface, the DP32 will not look out of place in the homes of the style-conscious.

Covered by an extended five year warranty, the Audiant DP32 is available now. Visit the Perreaux website for more information:

Other available models include the new Audiant 100p stereo power amplifier and the asynchronous USB DAC equipped Audiant 80i integrated amplifier.

Perreaux home audio products are available from selected dealers throughout the country. Visit the Perreaux website to find your nearest dealer:

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