Trios & Triangles... The Power of Three

Trios and triangles... the power of threeI've listened to many quality stereo systems over the years, but even some of the best fail to appreciate the vital importance of the listening position. I enclose a shot of my system as a guideline. The image is taken from where I sit. You can see that I have placed my speakers in close proximity to the open fire in my library. The reasoning is that I am able to enjoy the warmth of the fire all the while reading and listening to music. To me this represents the perfect trio.

A shot of my audio system.

My speakers are comparatively large and dominant for the size of the room. Seated as close as I am in perfect triangulation to the speakers... I liken the sound as being at the front row of a live concert... you are there... the band is right in front of me! Trios and triangles... the power of three.

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