West German Hifi Days 2013

West German Hifi Days 2013Earlier this month the Audiant DP32 USB DAC and 100p power amp made their German premier at Westdeutsche HiFi Tage (West German Hifi Days) along with AudioSolutions Rhapsody 80 speakers and cables from swisscables.

Unfortunately we couldn't make it along, although Thomas from Genuin Audio Vertrieb, the exclusive Perreaux distributor in Germany, said "the fair was a huge success" and that the DP32 and 100p were very well received on their inaugural German outing.

The acoustics in the wee hotel room were quite difficult, which is usually the case at any show, although Thomas spent a lot of time getting the sound just right and in the end was very happy with the result - a high resolution sound that was open, dynamic and natural.

West German Hifi Days 2013 Genuin Audio
Thomas from Genuin Audio doin' the business. Credit: Fidelity Magazin.

Visitors to the room, including many industry experts, were very comfortable and relaxed listening to the music and were impressed by the detailed yet smooth sound. Many remembered Perreaux and are happy to see that we're represented in Germany again. One visitor even exclaimed "Perreaux is a cult"... in a good way :o)

A few of the press representatives were so enamoured with the sound of the system that none of the gear has returned to Cottbus with Thomas, instead taken to be tested and reviewed in the magazines. Well done Thomas that is a fantastic result!!

West German Hifi Days 2013 Audiant DP32 USB DAC and 100p power amp
Top to bottom: MacBook front-end, Audiant DP32, Audiant 100p, eloquence CDt. Credit: Fidelity Magazin.

On behalf of Thomas and the entire Perreaux team I would like to thank all visitors who stopped by and showed your support and for taking the time to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

We look forward to doing it all again at Norddeutsche HiFi Tage (North German Hifi Days), 1st-2nd February 2014 in Hamburg, for which Thomas is already busy preparing. I would love to see you there...

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