Audiant SR35 Loudspeaker Starts Shipping

Audiant SR35 Floorstanding LoudspeakerToday we shipped the very first production version of our new Audiant SR35 loudspeaker, destined for Sweden... it was a proud moment and represented the culmination of a shared vision to be able to provide a complete audio solution to our customers.

Over the years our business partners have repeatedly asked our advice on matching loudspeakers for our products. The problem is not insignificant. A loudspeaker needs to feature the correct electrical, aesthetic and value proposition in order to be a good match for our amplifiers... whilst challenging, we have usually been able to assist. Perreaux is renowned for tight, detailed and engaging performances and in some instances our partners have found themselves in the difficult position of offering systems which were not optimally matched.

The Audiant SR35 is the perfect partner to the Audiant 80i integrated amp, or alternatively the DP32 preamp & 100p power amp combination. It is obvious from the moment you set eyes on the speaker that it is very much a part of the Audiant series.

New Zealand is no different to many other countries in the world... we are witnessing a steady reduction in the size and importance of manufacturing in our economy. 40 years ago manufacturing was around 26% of GDP... today it is around 10% which represents a massive decline. In the 8 years that we have lived in Mosgiel, we have seen first hand the effects of this decline with companies like Fisher and Paykel, who manufacture dishwashers, close their factory doors with the loss of many skilled jobs.

So for Perreaux to start producing loudspeakers in co-operation with a local joinery company... it just felt good. We are never going to break any production records or have any effect on the decline... but we prefer to be the masters of our own destiny and to fight the good fight and know that we are making something of high quality in New Zealand which will provide lasting pleasure to our many customers wherever they may be located.

Audiant SR35 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Finishes
The Audiant SR35 loudspeaker is finished in luxurious real wood veneers (L to R): American Walnut, NZ Rimu, Mahogany.

The SR35 loudspeaker is something we can be justifiably proud of. To have been involved over the years whilst we progressively refined our prototypes provided us with in depth insights along the way. We have given of ourselves completely to the task and, like our amplifiers; the loudspeaker has received our complete devotion. When you look at the SR35 loudspeaker, many will simply see a box with some mounted drivers, but be assured it is so much more than this.

Every small detail has been agonised over. The many custom manufactured jigs and specialist assembly knowledge we have had to create and perfect over the past few years has been considerable. To listen over the past few weeks to the production version of the speaker, making last minute tweaks... talk about a journey of passion, and devotion to a shared vision. To give our customers the very best.

A proud day indeed.

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