eloquence 250i Reviewed by Hifi Statement

Review - eloquence 250i Integrated Amplifier - Hifi StatementIn their latest test German magazine Hifi Statement review our eloquence 250i integrated amplifier equipped with both optional modules the 24/192 USB DAC and MM/MC phono preamp.

Reviewer Jörg-Peter Schimmel couldn't believe how tube-like the sound of the 250i integrated amp is...

“If I did not know better, I would have guessed in a blind test it was a tube amp...”

“...The Perreaux 250i eloquence is so close to the tube sound like no amplifier before him in my listening room.”

Jörg-Peter enjoyed the "enormously powerful" and "big sound" of the eloquence 250i and found that its 250 Watts was "enough power for any situation".

When testing the headphone output of the 250i, Jörg-Peter discovered there was more than enough power to drive his AKG K701 headphones and was pleasantly surprised with the sound commenting:

“The AKG delivered a sound that I otherwise know only from external headphone amplifiers. A great performance!”

Read Jörg-Peter's review of the eloquence 250i on Hifi Statement, or read his review in English courtesy of Google Translate.

Thank you to Thomas at Genuin Audio, the Perreaux distributor in Germany, for providing the review sample and the outstanding support.

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