15 Reasons Never to Even Consider Buying a Perreaux eloquence 250i

eloquence 250i Integrated AmplifierStuart, who owns an eloquence 250i, recently suggested the following reasons why you should never consider buying one:

1. Because the family might go hungry for a while

2. You will no longer need that expensive sub

3. You will have to find some other use for the hours you use to spend researching what amp next

4. You will realise that you might have great speakers but with this amp you might just start spending hours researching what speakers next

5. The wife will definitely start to complain re volume

6. The neighbours are shortly likely to complain re...

7. You are keeping your 2 old and deaf (14 and 16 year old) dogs awake

8. You will realise that you have spent years listening to music through 5 sheets of sound-proof Gib

9. You are likely to start spending more on music

10. You will know need a new equipment rack to put it on / show it off

11. You will have to book a flight to Dunedin to visit the guys and see these babies being built

12. You will have to cancel that order for the next Avantgarde ZERO 1

13. The very high end headphone kit with rollable tube amp is now not the best sound you have

14. You can't go on holiday because you will miss...

15. You will now avidly watch the Perreaux website to see what's next

PS And yes, sound can cause nosebleeds!

Just a few first thoughtbuds. Hasta la vista to my Bel Canto!!! She was nice but sometimes nice is simply not enough  especially when aural needs must be met!

Ta guys and cheers. Have a fun and safe Xmas and new year. My problem is that I am now going to have to fly my amp from Auckland to Lake Ohau with me for the break. If only you did those AMR77-like flight cases :)

We loved Stuart's novel approach to giving us his impressions of the eloquence 250i so thought we'd share them with you. Leave a comment below if you can think of any other reasons to add to Stuart's list.

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