Audiant 80i Awarded by ReMusic

Audiant 80i earns Spark Award from ReMusicReMusic recently reviewed our Audiant 80i integrated amplifier and gave it their 'Spark' award. The 80i joins only a handful of other components to have earned this prestigious award.

The Audiant 80i was reviewed by Roberto Rocchi who found the sound of the amp possessed a "naturalness" and had "control like a true champion". Impressed that such a big sound could come from the 'little' Audiant 80i he commented:

“The small size of the Audiant 80i is in startling contrast to a big sound, opulent and luxurious.”

Roberto liked the natural sound of the on-board USB DAC and suggested it will "satisfy the aesthetic taste of the most experienced audiophile", especially if using a computer to stream music.

Just as impressed with the MM phono section Roberto was immediately struck by its silence and the well balanced mix of dynamics and refinement, commenting that one would "need to spend at least eight hundred – a thousand euro for a phono preamp of better quality".

In conclusion, Roberto finds the sound of the Audiant 80i "rich", "full" and "harmonious", calling it a bargain given the inclusion of the high quality on-board USB DAC and phono preamp, closing his review with:

“the Perreaux Audiant 80i is definitely a Spark in the Dark!”

Many thanks to our Italian distributor Art of Music for supplying the review sample.

Read Roberto's review of the Audiant 80i to find out why it received the Spark award. Alternatively read the English translation of Roberto's review.

For more information about this award-winning amp check out the Audiant 80i integrated amplifier on our website, or find out where to buy the Audiant 80i at a dealer near you.

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