First Images of Audiant Series Loudspeaker

New Audiant loudspeakersWe wanted to release this information at the High End Show in Munich next month, but pics have already made their way out there... so here's a sneak preview.

For some time, we have been rolling around the concept of loudspeakers... and finally we've decided to do something. I'm certain that you will be as impressed as we are... they are sensational.

Enjoy the images... more information coming soon.

In the meantime, we'd love to hear what you think. Leave your thoughts, or questions, in the comments below.

New Audiant loudspeakers - front
Audiant floorstanding loudspeakers hand-veneered in American Walnut

New Audiant loudspeaker - front

The Audiant loudspeaker utilises a D'Appolito (MTM) driver configuration

New Audiant loudspeakers with DP32 preamp and 100p power amp

The Audiant loudspeaker is the perfect match for the DP32 USB DAC preamp / 100p power amp combo

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