Trip to Munich High End 2013

High End Munich 2013The best aspect of travel is experiencing how the other half live. Munich 2013 is a good opportunity to gain insights and to stop by distributors in other countries on the way to and from Germany. My first stop leaving New Zealand was Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

HK is a seething megalopolis alive... buildings, cars, people and construction cranes are everywhere. The dynamic pace of life is quite an experience and being a part of its vibrancy is invigorating. Our HK distributor and his Chinese business partner spared no effort; taking care of everything for me. In return, I tried my best to listen and respond to the points they raised..

When sitting face to face over an extended meal and talking business, it is vital that each other fully understands one another. Our distributor made the effort to bring along his English-speaking assistant, and as a result, we were able to find the underlying cause of barriers to doing business in Asia. I can't begin to stress the importance of gaining an exact understanding. HK/China is a big and increasingly powerful market player... carefully constructed partnerships built up over years are the best possible foundation for doing business.

After 14 years with Perreaux, I've come to realise that you can't expect to offer a product to suit all tastes... some prefer large imposing looking products, others prefer their products to be slim and discrete. It never fails to amaze me how difficult it is to forecast buyer behaviour. If you want to experience the centre of global power in 25 years from now... look no further than Hong Kong... it is positively oozing ego.

Munich Germany

HK is ego city but the Euro equivalent has to be Germany... and there is certainly something special about the country and its people... perhaps it comes from a confidence of a nation who is confident in their capabilities and achievements. Germany is vastly different from Hong Kong/China but with a similar ego.

High End 2013 was organised and run along typical efficient German lines. Every detail was perfectly organised and choreographed. The show has steadily gained in importance, now seen by most as the World's most influential high-end show. Four huge two story interconnected pavilions comprising more than 300 exhibitors and 13,500 visitors equates to a steady stream of people onto your booth. We took the time to introduce many to the new Audiant SR35 loudspeaker and exhibited our Audiant, eloquence and Prisma lines of electronics.

Perreaux at Munich High End 2013
Foreground: Full Audiant lineup; Background: Prisma and eloquence range. Credit: Leo Yeh.

Perreaux at Munich High End 2013 - eloquence and Prisma
Front: eloquence 250i integrated amplifier; Back: Prisma SM6 MkII preamp and 350 power amp. Credit: Leo Yeh.

Sincere thanks to our Dutch distributor HNNY Benelux B.V. for his outstanding efforts in organising the booth. I'm hugely in your debt.

I would like to thank several of our partners for visiting... it was nice to meet with you:

Audiomania - Russia
Portier Hi-Fi - Switzerland
Art of Music - Italy
DEA International - France
High-End Audio Studio - Czech Republic
Planet of Sound Distribution - Canada
Vaessen Audio Design - Belgium
Extreme Digital Sound - Romania

If you are interested in Perreaux these are the people to see, they love what they do, know good sound and above all else have a passion for music.


Similar to Hong Kong and the regional home of many multinational companies. Singaporeans are well organised and highly motivated. A very good meeting with our Singapore/Malaysian distributor Electrades Audio was a chance to discuss future plans and get face to face. They are on the verge of moving to new and improved premises and showed a lot of interest in the Audiant SR35 loudspeakers.

Singapore is HOT... god only knows it would take quite some getting used to. My parents being Dutch and Danish, I've convinced myself that I have evolved to exist in cooler climes and a few minutes dashing between air-conditioned buildings in Singapore affirmed these feelings.

Jet Lag

Jet lag has a serious effect on me and international travel on a tight timeframe is therefore not something I look forward to very much. I was fortunate to meet someone who has overcome many of these issues. His advice is to take a prescription sedative to ensure you sleep soundly on the flight. He recommended Zopiclone.

His other recommendation for NZ travellers only was to fly against the rotation of the earth. In his experience flying from NZ to LA and then on to Europe and returning again via Asia was the very best as opposed to flying to Europe back and forth via Asia. Anything that enables you to arrive feeling refreshed is a distinct bonus.

From time to time, I receive snippets about the possible revival of airship travel... bring it on... wouldn't it be wonderful to slow down the entire process... what is the point of all this rushing around anyway. I don't think any of us are happier for all this endless rushing around. Wouldn't it be novel to spend a week in the air meeting and getting to know fellow travellers better? Leave as strangers and arrive as friends and lovers... hahaha.

As a final thought... teleportation sounds like the ultimate solution... beam me up Scotty!!

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