A Letter From Stewart

Audiant DP32 USB DAC PreamplifierHi Perreaux

What a thing of beauty that DP32 is. You should be very proud to be producing such a lovely, high quality product.

I'd have to say the little high-tensile button head cap screws are a teensy bit overkill but I expect they were chosen for their form and colour and in that size high-tensile is likely the only option. So much nicer than the crappy cross-heads used normally, bravo.

It's obvious that plenty of careful thought went into the mechanical engineering as well as the electronics, the whole package just screams quality.

I'd have to say even the manual is superb. Well laid out, clear and concise and perfect English, I love it. I read it once and knew exactly what it all does. The output should be just fine for my Quads.

You've got more processing power in there than the Apollo ships by far. I'm guessing the little 8-bit Atmel could be running the touch display and that multi-cored XMOS monster is looking after the USB and the other digital inputs but I'm only guessing and am probably completely wrong.

The DP32 is performing flawlessly, the real stand-out for me so far has been the USB connection playing music from Spotify. I paid for the premium subscription so get what is available at 320kbps rather than the 160kbps available on the standard rate. Not sure how different it is or if at all but it sure sounds spectacular!

Another nice feature that has opened up to me with the preamp is the ability to listen to good music while the telly is on. It means I can sit and watch something like the Grand Prix and get some music in at the same time.

Thanks again Perreaux, I'm very impressed.

Stewart L.
Auckland, New Zealand

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