40 Years of Exquisite Audio

Perreaux 40 Year AnniversaryAs many of you are aware 1974 saw Perreaux launch their first classic – the GS2002 20 Watt Integrated Amplifier. To celebrate 40 years of quality design and manufacturing here in New Zealand, throughout 2014 we will be releasing a range of high quality audio peripherals based on some of our classic circuit designs.

The Ruby Anniversary range will include a new 50 Watt integrated amplifier, a CD player, a headphone amp, a phono preamp and a DAC; with flexibility, function and the same battle tank build quality we are proud to provide.

We'll also be spreading some Ruby Anniversary love on a selection of our current models. Special limited editions of your favourite Perreaux products will be available in limited release and will include a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity.

Perreaux Products