Audiant VP3 pre release Scoop

We are pleased to release further details of our new Audiant series VP3 moving magnet, moving coil phono pre amplifier. To follow are first images of the new VP3 along with notes covering our overall design philosophy and product features. 

Audiant VP3

Specialty New Zealand based hi-end audio manufacturing company celebrating 40 years in business is pleased to announce the new Audiant VP3. Technology has continued to evolve rapidly over our time in business and our knowledge and application of design, materials and manufacturing techniques has advanced in tandem with this.  Today’s range comes closer to fulfilling our shared vision than at any other time in years past. The Audiant series VP3 has specifically been developed to meet customer demands for compact higher quality products. Careful attention has been taken throughout the development phase not to make compromises that may degrade the highest levels of reproduction that the VP3 is capable of delivering.

Design Philosophies

To follow is a discussion on some of Perreaux design philosophies that have been incorporated into the entire range. Leading British architect, John Pawson, writes:

“The Minimum can be defined as the perfection that an object achieves when it is no longer possible to improve it by subtraction.  This is the quality that an object has when every component, every detail, and every junction has been reduced or condensed to the essentials. It is the result of the omission of the inessentials”

Perreaux has historically embraced the minimalist ethic from an audio design perspective only.  The concept of “less equating to more” has been at the heart of all Perreaux audio designs for more than a quarter of a century. Our current product offering takes the minimalist ethic to new levels by totally embracing the concept.

Minimalist Electronics

We wish to maximise the quality of your listening pleasure by keeping the componentry and signal path as uncluttered, short and clean as possible. All components in the signal path, even those of the highest quality have an effect on the signal, thereby altering the quality of the reproduction in some way.  Our aim is to recreate in its entirety, the original performance by not adding or subtracting anything, irrespective of the source.


Minimalist Aesthetics

Our products appeal to those who seek the ultimate in audio exclusivity, namely the perfect blend of “form and function”. “Form and function” are both tough masters. We make no excuses for producing some of the most distinctive high-end audio products on the planet. We let “form and function” blend together in perfect harmony. This surely is the essence of true minimalist utilisation.

Minimalism in a Wider Context

John Pawson writes:

“Clearly simplicity has dimensions to it that go beyond the purely aesthetic: it can be seen as the reflection of some innate, inner quality, or the pursuit of philosophical or literary insight into the nature of harmony, reason, and truth”.

Chassis External Construction Design

The Audiant VP3 slim and stylish looks befits any quality listening environment.  The cover and front panel is made from highest quality, solid 12mm thick aluminium extrusion, with a bead blasted and clear anodized finish. The cover also features our trademark machined Perreaux logo. On / off, turntable input selection and status is provided via discreet capacitive touch panel front faceure with imbedded white LEDs highlighting your selection. Minimalist styling cues combine seamlessly to allow form and function to blend in harmony and are typical hallmarks of the Perreaux brand.

Two Turntables

2 fully independent inputs are provided which will facilitate simultaneous running of 2 turntables with front panel touch input selection between them.

High and Low Output

Both high and low output cartridges (moving magnet and moving coil designs) are catered for by the VP3

Optimal Internal Layout

Special attention has been lavished on the printed circuit board layout of the VP3. Optimal internal layout incorporating total left and right channel segregation. The VP3 is symmetrical in design (left and right channel DIP switch numbers, are a mirror of each other, as well as the input/output RCA configuration), with each channel being completely isolated from the other. Particular care also has been given to printed circuit board ground planes to ensure sonic purity. All signal grounding is also isolated from mains earth. 

Internal Power Supply

The VP3 features an internal low noise, custom designed, power supply which is physically segregated from the rest of the sensitive electronics. Internal power supply designs are invariably more sophisticated than those featuring external plug in power packs. Special attention must be paid to shielding, supply transformer design, capacitance and earthing. Perreaux has specially developed an overrated, fully shielded, internal toroidal step down transformer as the main element in the phono supply. Special attention has also been given to capacitance smoothing, RF and EMI filtration. This results in a “rock-solid”, low noise, highly linear, regulated DC supply.

Fully Customiseable

The VP3 is highly flexible and sensitive. Working in combination with the wide selection of R and C loading, the user has no need for messy MM/MC jumpers as any type of cartridge can be matched via the external selectable DIP switch settings, enabling any cartridge to be used. In total there are 6 banks of rear mounted dip switches (36 dip switches in total) for full simultaneous customisation of all cartridge values on both turntable inputs.

Turntable input one features customisable gain settings of  60, 64, 68 or 72db (fully rear dip switch selectable)

Turntable input two features customiseable gain settings of 39, 43, 47, 51db (fully rear dip switch selectable)

RIAA Equalisation

The RIAA equalisation utilises a robust architecture with high precision, low noise resistors and highly linear, metalised polyester capacitors for optimum signal transfer. Deviation from the RIAA specification is only ±0.5dB across the audio-band. With both Normal and IEC RIAA equalisation curves to select from, you can be guaranteed you’re getting the optimum from your valued record collection. Low-output moving Coil cartridges present very different source characteristics to the phono preamplifier than high-output moving Coil or moving magnet cartridges.

Single Ended and Balanced Outputs

The VP3 features both single ended and balanced outputs.

Please feel free to register your interest in the new Audiant VP3 with your local dealer now.

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