Italian review Audiant 100p

Italian hi end audio magazine, "Fedeltà del Suono" has recently reviewed the Audiant series 100p power amplifier. Our sincere thanks to our Italian agent Art of Music for securing this excellent review.

Find out more about the Audiant 100p here.

Unfortunately we don't have a copy of the review availble. From the translations given, the reviewer stated the following: 

"There is a great amount of detail, transparency and ambience on offer."

"The acoustic soundscape re-created by the 100p is very voluminous, stable, 3 dimensional with a remarkable plasticity."

"The midrange is sweet, full and detailed; definitely it is a midrange of rare quality, which alone, would be enough to give exceptional musical reproduction."

"I must add that I give vigorous applause for the rhythmic and dynamic ability, the excellent reproduction of the sound stage, energy and the spatial realism."

"The Perreaux remains a champion at reproducing music programs with complex orchestrations and important excursions."

"The 100p's ability to drive does not disappoint in the most challenging tracks for speed and energy."

"The sound is fluid and neutral, smooth, full-bodied and detailed, while maintaining a constant sense of precision and control. To be explicit, there is a level of verisimilitude of music reproduction that I can only define as High End."

"A great musical result is combined with great solidity and reliability; that is the basis of a reassuring electrical performance, even if the speakers are not particularly easy to drive."

"It’s one of the highest quality, price ratios than I've ever found in a power amp. A product that I would recommend highly and without reservation."

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