Happy 40th and a Trip Down Memory Lane

It is with a certain amount of Kiwi pride that we announce that Perreaux has entered it's 40th year in business... 1974 - 2014.

Many of our customers were still a twinkle in their parents' eye back in 1974... when I stop to think about it... it does seem like an awfully long time ago! I wanted to take you back to a time not too distant from then and ask that you look at this news documentary on Perreaux taken around 1983 which was broadcast nationwide in New Zealand and the USA:

For many past employees, watching the video must be like a trip down memory lane. So much has changed since those heady days... to think when Perreaux started business the compact disc had not yet been invented! Now we are rapidly entering a post CD phase where users have all the power and convenience of cloud-based music solutions, such as Spotify, at their fingertips. In spite of living in an increasingly digitally connected world, our products have steadfastly stood the test of time and remained relevant to enthusiasts everywhere.

I want to also thank our many users worldwide for their devotion and loyalty, I'm sure it will come as no surprise to many that we regularly receive emails from all over telling us how much they love and continue to enjoy their amplifier... many forming an emotional attachment and not wanting to part with their amp... no matter what is involved to restore it. It's nice to have so many fans. Thank you.

To celebrate 40 years we are releasing limited editions of select products. First out of the blocks for 40th Anniversary treatment is the eloquence 250i... which, in our opinion, qualifies as one of the very finest products we have ever created. Find out more about the limited edition 40th Anniversary eloquence 250i.

I close by thanking you all once again and ask that you take a few moments to enjoy a slide show of some early images scanned from our company archives from the 1970's and early 80's:

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