45's vs. Single Downloads

45's vs. single downloadsThe years may roll by but we don't really change inside that much. Nothing rings truer than our tastes in music... I've met lots of people over the years and for most their music tastes remain anchored to a time in their life.

For many it is their teen and early adult years... I'm also testament to the stereotype. Whilst my tastes are broader than some... listening to 8 hours of music a day tends to expose you to mix of music.

Music may indeed be frozen in time for many, but the way they obtain it has undergone a revolution. When I was a teenager, a record store would sell 45's to cater for the buyer who wanted to purchase a single song.

Enter the single download which is today's digital equivalent. You can dial up iTunes, Spotify or even YouTube and listen to just about anything that comes into your head.

tune came into my head just the other day... it was a flashback moment from the 1990's... so I downloaded it and played it without even leaving my chair. It is quite amazing when you think about it. 

Everything has changed but nothing has changed... we still enjoy music... thankfully it is so much more accessible today.

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