Building the 250i Anniversary Edition

By any measure, 40 years in business is a milestone worth celebrating. To that end, we have selected the Eloquence 250i integrated amplifier as the first unit from our lineup to be given a special flourish.

It was always going to be a challenging task to improve on this already exceptionally designed unit, and we certainly did not want to turn it into some gimmicky marketing exercise. In the end, we decided to focus primarily on squeezing the very last ounce of sonic performance out of the unit with only a small marketing flourish allowed by affixing a custom designed metallic badge to each front panel. The production run is strictly limited to 50 pcs and every 40th Anniversary Edition amplifier will be supplied with a signed and numbered certificate of Aunthenticity.

The 250i 40th Anniversary Edition features the following:

  • Upgraded 8 mains smoothing capacitors to highest specification ultra low ESR versions
  • Highest spec amplifier to binding post internal cabling
  • Upgraded Small signal stage capacitors
  • Custom designed and manufactured front panel badge featuring the wording Limited Edition 1974 - 2014
  • Individually signed and numbered (total run 50 pcs) certificate of authenticity to accompany each Limited Edition amplifier

These units have already become collector’s items and will only ever appreciate in value in the years ahead.

Both Units are available for order now.

Here then are the first images of the 40th Anniversary Edition Eloquence 250i.








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