Real Sound

Who can remember when the Microwave oven first appeared on the scene? What about all the cookbooks that appeared specifically designed to cater for this new phenomenon. Roll forward the years and what is the microwave used for - reheating a cup of coffee or a meal which has been set aside! We all still use an electric kettle and our ovens.



The same applies to sound, what I’ve seen is a dilution of our purist pursuit. To all those who subscribe to “elevator music” in every room of the house is a good starting point. I don’t want to hear music in the toilet and if I’m in my kitchen, I’m perfectly content with a small portable radio.



Isn’t it better to focus on achieving real sound where it counts and is required. A TV with loud speakers placed either side, with a good quality amplifier powering it all and you’ve pretty much achieved it. If you’re wanting to adopt an up to date approach, you can look to purchase a streamer and subscribe to an online music subscription service, which can give you online access to millions of tracks. The two main components of your system are your amplifier and loudspeakers. Seeing as they will always be with you, invest in quality. Just like a V8 engine a strong amplifier is always going to deliver a more convincing performance. And if you do move, simply just pack it all up and take it with you, replug it at the other end and you are there again.



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