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Perreaux is well represented in countries all around the world and thanks to some hard work from our international partners we are able to take you on a quick trip around central Europe with three exciting new product reviews.

German, i – fidelity magazine tests Prisma series SM6MKII Preamplifier/350 Stereo Amplifier combination.

The Prisma series Pre/Power receives the prestigious "Highlight award" from Olaf Storm, magazine. Read the full review here: review.

We have translated several excerpts from the review and detail below.

"The Prisma SM6MkII pre amplifier and 350 power amplifier provides a combination of pure musical enjoyment". 
"The high power output capacity is an additional feature further enhancing playback quality, which can be described as enjoyment with the addition of sound pressure.”
"The combination ideally suited for relaxed listening to very high quality music at low to medium levels".
“A purist operating concept, reputable technology and careful workmanship complete the picture of positive, pre power ensures the "highlight award" 

Olaf Storm,

Czech, Hi Fi Voice magazine tests Eloquence Series 250i Integrated Amplifier

Our sincere thanks to our Czech agent for his efforts in securing the review of the Eloquence 250i integrated amplifier.

Read the full review here: Hi Fi Voice review.

Dutch HVT magazine tests Audiant series DP32 Dac Preamplifer/100p Stereo Amplifier combination.

Our sincere thanks to our Dutch agent for all his efforts in securing the review of the Audiant series DP32/100p Pre/Power combination.

Read the full review here: Dutch HVT magazine review.


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