Update on New Developments

No matter how strong our current lineup may be, there is always room for improvement and more work to be done. At Perreaux our customers are constantly asking and as such we are acutely aware of the weight of expectation and anticipation around any new developments. That’s one of the reasons why we are now talking more in terms of new product development. In doing so, we are becoming more visible for all to see where we are heading as we inch ever closer towards release of 2 new products, the Eloquence Loudspeaker and the Audiant Phono Preamplifier. 

Eloquence Series Loudspeaker

We are working to refine a truly exciting project. I wanted to put a stake in the ground by saying that I will definitely be ordering a pair. Since announcing the development, we have changed the design with the addition of upper and lower mid range drivers in D'Appolito (MTM) configuration. This now turns the speaker into a 4 way design. Many of the really challenging decisions have been made and we have progressed to the point of mocking up a prototype cabinet in order to give us a better idea of the look and feel of the speaker. In addition to this we have also selected the drivers. The speaker will be for the individual who seeks the very highest levels of build quality, sonic performance and aesthetics. We could give more details away, suffice to say, these will definitely impress. Just like having a luxury high performance sports car parked in your garage, they will instantly command respect and attract envious glances from your guests. Preliminary release information extends now to becoming a 4 way passive design with each cabinet greater than 1300mm high and of substantial weight. Whilst they are deliberately utilitarian and masculine in concept, they will also feature some very attractive aesthetic cues

Audiant Series Phono Pre Amplifier

We continue to make steady progress on the new Audiant series MM/MC phono pre amplifier. The unit will offer several tantalizing new features which will impress. Celebrating our 40th year in business, the responsibility of getting things as close to perfect is very substantial indeed. As such the amount of time and care we have lavished on the R&D, component selection and PCB layout phase is significant. We knew from the outset that due to the highly sensitive nature of the micro voltages involved, the design was always going to present special challenges. Thankfully we factored additional time, to ensure the project is treated with the genuine respect it deserves and phono aficionados receive a product of the highest quality. You will be able to extract every last ounce of detail from your investment in vinyl. There is a saying that good things take time. Thank you for your patience. We will keep you updated as the project matures and heads towards its' release.



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