12 year old amp...barely run in.

  • 14 Dec, 2015
  • Perreaux
In todays fast paced technologically driven world, everything is becoming obsolete so quickly. You only have to look at the rapid evolution of cell phones to appreciate just how rapid the rate of change is. You purchase a new phone and a few years later, throw it out and buy another more up to date version. Luckily high quality audio products don't fall into this category. The majority of Perreaux buyers prefer to choose carefully and buy once and well. Saving their hard earned money for other things. So it was nice to receive an email confirming this. In this case the owner had purchased his Perreaux only a mere 12 years previously.....and at 12 years...it is still almost new! We know Perreaux users who own products that are 40 years old and still going strong!
Dear Perreaux,
My amplifier is returned to service and is performing flawlessly as is its usual operation.  The fuse failure was the only trouble I've had with it for the 12 years that I have been using it!  Technically the fuse didn't fail, it did what a fuse is supposed to do and no doubt was a casualty of the dodgy power we have here.  Therefore, we can say that there hasn't been any difficulty with this unit, save the removal and re-installation of the top cover need to gain access to the fuse!!
Thank you very much for your attentive assistance with this problem. I'd be very happy to provide a testimonial or any other assistance that I can be to you, in light of your splendid technical support for your product.
Very best regards,
Frank W Adams

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