Bigger is better....the case for large speakers

Bigger is better ... the case for large speakers.

Oh we can be such a mincing bunch of politically correct plebs at times. Today it is all about trying to fit in, make the least impact and not rocking the boat. It is almost like modern mankind has slowly losing its' wherewithall. On the contrary, i’m all for following your passions, having a bit of fun and doing things outside the box.

Lets take the case of music. How many of us currently play spotify via our cell phones have been dupped into thinking ... WOW ... this is cool! Get real please people ... because until you've heard your favorite album on a decent hifi system, you really have no idea how good the sound can be.

Bottom line ... you need amplification, lots of it and big speakers to match.

And when it comes to speakers, size really does matter. You need to move air in your room and to do this you will require generously proportioned drivers and a big stiff cabinet to house them in. A good comparason can be had if you were to play your cellphone in a huge cavernous hall and turn the wee thing all the way up ... can you hear it ... sure ... does it sound good? No it sounds tinny and insignificant.

So here then is the case for LLB ... large Lounge, large loudspeakers and plenty of bass.

Large lounge ... It can be kind of embarrassing seeing some the ridiculous shoe box spaces people find themselves living in today. Don’t be too proud to move town and trade up quantity for quality. Lets face it ... no one really likes to be hemmed in, living on top of one another. It is a big world out there....get out and live more comfortably in a bigger home where hopefully you can enjoy more space and a nice big lounge.


Large Loudspeakers ... so now you’ve got your large room and are all cozy, kicking back on your huge comfy leather lounge suite, you're going to need some tunes. I recommend something significant like the new SR58 floor standing loudspeakers. They are serious loud speakers for serious listeners who really enjoy their music. Importantly, The SR58 can also go loud, and can fill your lounge with sound,  but they are also perfectly happy at cell phone volume levels with lots of reserve on tap, should you wish to take it up a notch or 2 ... haha

The feel of bass on your face. Lets not overlook what Bass can do for your sound. Consider bass to be the foundation of your cound and the mid and treble to be something that adds texture and accentuates it. You don't require too much ... more like just enough..

Ultimately, you’re the boss. You decide how you want to live your life and what shape and direction it takes. From my perspective, you should never be afraid to follow your heart and chase your dreams. You only have one life, so live it to its fullest.




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