Danes Delighted with Audiant VP3 Phono Pre...editors choice

Our long standing Danish agent. Soren Vitrup from Audiocompagniet has send us good news that esteemed reviewer, Mikkel Gige, of Hifi4all has conducted a review of the VP3. In addition to his careful study of the unit he has also done an AB comparative test between the Audiant VP3 and Vincent PHO -700, and states:

'The Vincent is quiet, but the Perreaux VP3 silent!'

Mikkel Gige also goes on to say:

'The VP3 provides more peace in the soundstage, so that even the smallest details become clear. Some call it a deep black background, but it's really just that the noise level is completely moved down there, where you do not hear it. Rumble from record grooves is so low as there there is no discernible groove noise at all!'

Mikkel, concludes the review by saying:

'The Perreaux Audiant VP3 is one of the best and most versatile phono stages I ever laid ears on ... and it is nothing less than “Editors Choice"'

You can view the original Danish review here.

You can read the translated English version here.

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