Keeping it simple in Germany

Thomas Wendt from Genuin Audio in Germany has firm ideas as to what today's IT literate users are seeking from their audio system.

He also runs an IT company and his strong grasp of technology means he is proficient at bringing the 2 mediums together, resulting in a hi quality sound which is free from constraint.

Instead of filling his stand with all manner of products, he chose this year to "keep it simple" and only displayed a laptop computer running proprietary software to a Perreaux Audiant 80i 40th Anniversary Edition integrated amplifier and then out to a pair of floor standing loudspeakers.

So how good did it sound? It certainly caught the attention of listeners, many of whom appreciate the minimalist concept which equates to "less is more"

One of the niceties of this type of pared down system is that whilst it appears simple; it does deliver very high quality audio.



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