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Giuseppe Trotto, is an Italian based high end audio reviewer of the highest pedigree writing for ReMusic. Italy as a country is steeped in history and heritage and is also the same country that produces products like Ferrari, Lamborghini & Ducati. Italy is also the home of classical music, where each summer outdoor operas draw huge crowds to hear classic music qnd opera played at its very finest. We love all things Italian, from the wonderful people, their food, music, cars and culture etc. So when Giuseppe Trotto undertakes such an exhaustive review of the VP3 as he has done and after all his careful analysis and listening, he comes up with statements like:

'The Perreaux VP3 has manifested itself as one of the best among the pre that have been tested in the system to date.'

We at Perreaux can only feel very humbled and honoured to be considered in the same league as some of the worlds most exotic high end products that he also reviews on a regular basis.

Giuseppe also goes on to say:

'The VP3 is an excellent electronic phono pre amplifier, which makes flexibility its strong point. The numerous combinations allow the interchange of a very wide range of cartridges, but what matters most is that, once properly adjusted, you duck elegantly from the scene, leaving the legitimate proscenium to the one who is the protagonist of the show: His Majesty Vinyl. Long live the king!'

Even before reading the full review, you would have to agree that these are pretty choice statements; even more when you consider that it comes from someone of the pedigree of Giuseppe Trotto.

We would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Giuseppe from ReMusic magazine and also to our wonderful and long standing Italian agent, Gabriele Montalbani, Managing Director of ArtofMusic.

You can read the original Italian review here.

You can also read the English translation of the review here.

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