Tutonic Tribulations ... "Stereo" reviews 80i 40th

Germany is one of just a handful of international centers of engineered excellence. They are a proud people and not quick to lavish praise on something unless it is richly deserved. Our German agent, Thomas Wendt from Genuin Audio in Cottbus, recently submitted our special 40th Anniversary limited edition Audiant 80i to 'Stereo Magazine' for review and reviewer Michael Lang was careful and thorough in his evaluation.

A few points to note with the review is that Stereo Magazine also conduct a full spectrum laboratory analysis of the 80iA and include the published results. We prefer this approach as it confirms the magazine is serious with their test of the unit. In this instance they confirm that we remain conservative with our engineering design. The 80iA will deliver 96 watts into an 8 ohm load and 139 Watts into a 4 ohm load and 182 W short term.

Germans are not not known to heap praise ... but trust us, they were impressed with the test results.

Michael Lang went on to state:

'Off the cuff, the bass at low or high volumes is clean and contoured, without being too throbbing and losing the swing.'

'Patricia Barber, one of the most distinctive voices of the younger Jazz generation is totally audible, not too dark, but equally without artificial patching. Bells shine, and the experience has shown that even just a short time with a bad amplifier can denature the joy of music. No trace of that from Perreaux, but plenty to distinguish the clean positioned performers. And I always get the feeling that between various musicians and during live music with the audience something special is happening.'

You can read the original German review here.
You can read the English translated version here.

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