Witchdoctor ... VP3 'bloody brilliant'

NZ based reviewer, Andy Baker has recently published a comprehensive review of the Audiant VP3 on NZ based website, Witchdoctor. Andy has put a huge effort in with the review and we are really heartened to feel that he has been so thorough in his approach. As a general comment, we usually only see this sort of careful and detailed approach being taken by professional overseas reviewers. So thanks Andy, first class effort mate. We were particularly taken with a few of his comments;

'Perreaux’s VP3 phonostage is a marvelous piece of engineering. It really gets you involved in the music and the energy, punchy rhythm and excitement it unveils gives credence to Perreaux’s claim that the VP3 has an “exceptional dynamic range"' 

Wow it is great to hear that Andy feels we have got it right. I can only imagine how many phono stages and pieces of kit a reviewer like Andy must see over the years. To receive this sort of affirmation on dynamic range from him, is a sweet piece of news indeed!
Andy also go on to say:

'The fact that this phonostage is so relatively cheap is truly astonishing given its outstanding performance, and both James and I agreed that they could easily put this in a more upmarket chassis. That’s not to say its current chassis isn’t already classy, but if they did so, they could charge three times the price and fully expect to get away with it. But they won’t. Perreaux is another example of a company that loves what they do and who clearly value their customers'

We feel it is easy to charge moon beams for engineering design of the quality that the VP3 represents. Perhaps it is our long NZ based heritage that works to keep our feet firmly anchored to the ground. Perhaps there are a multitude of reasons. Importantly, the VP3 is highly flexible and as such you can count on it for many years to come. Sure your taste in cartridges may evolve, but with the VP3 flexibility there will never be any need to upgrade. So it is a case of buying once and well.
Andy tells us that his 2 young sons (9 & 10) are expanding their tastes in music and also showing an interest in vinyl. It sure must be a nice feeling to witness your own flesh and blood develop similar interests. We tend to underestimate the serious intellectual stimulation that an appreciation of music can bring, so it is good to see it being passed onto the next generation.
Personally we prefer vinyl because among other things, it also reinforces good listening behaviors. Streaming music, whilst here to stay, feeds the instantaneous gratification urge. With streaming, you can flick through lots of tracks in quick succession and even skip tracks half way through. This tends to devalue the track, artist and the body of work that they have created across the whole album.
When playing vinyl on the other hand, there is somewhat of a ritual about it. You carefully select the album. remove the vinyl, clean and place it on the turntable. Then carefully place the needle on the record. Your partner or friends may have in that time, poured you a nice drink, stoked the fie or made you a cup of tea....there is a certain ritual associated with it.
Then you tend to sit back and enjoy the entire side of the record in succession. In doing so you show deference to the artist and perhaps take time to marvel at the album artwork on the sleeve and read the song as the track is being played.
To us it is a totally more engaging and altogether satisfying experience. Viva la Vinyl!
We really hope you take the time to read Andy's great review on Witchdoctor here.

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