Audiant 80i wins Plus X Award

No biggie......YES BIGGIE.....because it's not every day that a company from New Zealand can lay claim to winning something as prestigious as the 2015, German Plus-X design awards in the categories of HIGH QUALITY, DESIGN and EASE OF USE.

The Perreaux Audiant 80i features a timeless design which appeals to modern music listeners and traditional audiophiles alike. The amplifier is equipped with a class A preamplifier and MOSFET-class AB power amplifier output section. The 80i has a comprehensive feature list, high performance and sound quality, all in a compact enclosure. Special features are the printed circuit boards and electronics hang in suspension from a solid aluminum case cover for better damping. The dimmable touch button interface for direct operation and the ability to control a media player on a connected computer via USB using the supplied remote.

The Plus X Awards are presented in seven different categories - innovation, high quality, design, ease of use, functionality, ergonomics and ecology. One of the most comprehensive seals of approval for a product is when it is awarded "High Quality". It embodies on one hand, the efforts of the manufacturer to provide the best quality product, on the other hand, the award is also for product longevity. "High quality products, such as the Audiant 80i amplifier from Perreaux differ in these respects of commodity in that it was not designed just for quick consumption, with regard to timely exchange," says the German agent for Perreaux, Mr. Thomas Wendt.

The Perreaux Audiant 80i also receives excellence in the "design" category. "The reduction of technical complexity is becoming increasingly important and many manufacturers now subscribe to this philosophy. Functional design is a discernible trend that Perreaux has adopted early, "says Thomas Wendt. "It also scores highly in terms of convenience". In order to offer peak performance, the development, product design and technical communications functions of the companymust work hand in hand. The Plus X awards jury have confiirmed that the Perreaux 80i has demonstrably succeeded across all of these hese critical functions.


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