Audiant VP3 Vinyl Preamplifier released

In recent years the buzz on every ones lips has been all about digital to analogue conversion. But quietly bubbling away in a corner has been the realisation that audiophiles have known all along. And that is that nothing will ever surpass the original analogue recording. What we are seeing is the incredible rise in streaming, the reduction in Cd sales and wait for it, the rise in vinyl sales. It is almost as though there is now room and a growing respect for both platforms and long may it continue. The loudspeaker driver moves inwards and outwards, alternately compressing and evacuating the air column in front of it. This pressure wave moves outwards from the speaker and finds its way inside your ear to press against your eardrum and registers as sound in your brain. This entire process is analogue in nature and will never change.

So it is with considerable pleasure that we announce the release of the new Audiant VP3 vinyl pre amplifier. Please take some time to review its features. I am convinced that in the event you do decide to purchase one, that it could well be one of the best and longest lasting purchases you make. Sure your tastes may change over time. You may find yourself moving from a high output moving magnet style cartridge to a low output moving coil type, but seeing as your VP3 caters for all cartridge types; there will never be any requirement to replace it. To follow are some of its most enduring features.


  • The unit is highly flexible and caters for all known cartridge types.
  • You can use the 36 rear mounted dip switches to fully and comprehensively customise the input of your VP3 to suit your needs. No matter if you prefer a high output moving magnet or high or low output moving coil, the VP3 has you covered. You can relax in the certainty that you will never require another pre amplifier to cater for your changing tastes.
  • If you really love your vinyl, why stop at one turntable. Using the VP3, you can now simultaneously fully customise two turntables with two different cartridge types and simply select between them from the front panel. Just think, one turntable could be set up with a high output moving magnet cartridge and the other turntable with a low output moving coil cartridge. Alternately you can have one turntable with a high output moving coil cartridge and the other with a low output moving coil cartridge. All you do is select which turntable you want to listen to from the front panel.
  • The VP3 features a vanishingly low level of total harmonic distortion of 0.002% at 1Khz @ rated output. Coupled with exceptionally high dynamic range, you can be assured of a performance which is as true to the original as possible.
  • We have slaved over every minute detail during the design of the printed circuit board design. It is a fully mirrored design, using the very finest components. No effort has been spared on its development. The VP3 also features a highest quality internal toroidal transformer power supply, with shunt voltage regulation and filtering. This provides ultra low noise levels, resulting in higher levels of detail and superior dynamics.
  • The VP3 is fully featured. We cater for both single ended and balanced outputs. You can select between normal or IEC RIAA profiles. Mono audio is no problem and we also cater for your system by offering a trigger input  at the rear of the unit.

Not only can you consider the new VP3 to be the best dedicated phono pre amplifier you purchase, but because it is so comprehensively featured, no matter what cartridge you choose in time to come, it has you covered, and it will also be your last. You can find out more details here.

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