Audiant VP3 Phono Preamplifier review in Hifi Pig Magazine

In June 2015, Ian Ringstead reviewed the Audiant VP3 phono pre amplifier for UK Magazine "Hifi Pig".

We were absolutely delighted to receive such a glowing review. As a result the Audiant VP3 has gained the Hifi Pig coverted "Recommended" status. We are thrilled to feel that all the months of hard work has begun to pay dividends and for the VP3 to be held in such high regard by Ian and the team from Hi fi Pig.

We would also like to express our gratitude to Ian, Hifi Pig and our UK agent, Audio Emotion for their kind efforts.

Hifi Pig is a well respected online UK publication. We strongly encourage you to do your own homework and take the time to read the full review yourself.

At the very least please take a few moments to read the excerpts we have lifted from the review below.  

"I happily put album after album on and simply enjoyed the listening experience. An old friend came round one evening and we spent several hours just revelling in the sound of the music we love , pretty well dumbfounded at how good it was. We both love modern jazz such as Bob James, David Sanborn, The Crusaders, Joe Sample, Grover Washington, John Klemmer etc.. What was so impressive was the depth of sound stage and sheer realism of the instruments and artists playing. A lot is talked about pace, rhythm and timing, my friend calls it the boogie factor, I say musicality. The VP3 had it in bucket loads and we both said it was the best phono stage we have ever heard."

"Now I certainly haven’t heard all the phono stages out there and there are many superb models I am certain of that and far more expensive than the VP3, but in my opinion the sound of the VP3 is pretty sublime in its price sector"

"I think Perreaux have made a great product in the VP3. Yes £1950 is not cheap, but if you are serious about your precious vinyl collection and have a good turntable, amp and speakers it is a cracking buy. I know it’s clichéd in reviewer speak but I will be very sorry when the VP3 goes back."

You can read the full VP3 review here.

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