Vintage Perreaux SA3 preamplifier restored

We recently received information and images from Stuart Morgan in the US. He had just conducted a complete restoration of a vintage Perreaux SA3 preamplifier. Here is an image of the restored unit along with his accompanying text. 

Stuart writes, "The only electronic components not replaced were the Fujitsu relays, power transformer, switches, and the inductor used in the AC line filter.  The reason for the 3M teflon insulating tape was that after 30+ years the insulation on the ground plane was deteriorating.

You’ll notice all film caps are WIMA and Panasonic 5% polypropylene, metal film resistors are all very low noise low temp and voltage coefficient 1%/.1% Vishay and TE, power resistors are all Vishay 1% wirewound (the ones in the signal path are non-inductive), ceramic caps are all Kemet MLCC 5%, and all transistors are Fairchild KSP42/KSP92. Oh, and of course all the wiring is MIL-spec teflon insulated for extreme long life."

Well done Stuart, buying quality never goes out of style. 

The SA3 was produced in 1985. That makes it an incredible 30 years old. The restored product looks just like new! 

You can read more about the SA3 Pre amplifier here.

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