Why buy the Audiant 80i integrated amplifier?


Working out which integrated amplifier to buy can be a very difficult decision to make as there are so many dfferent aspects to consider.

To follow are a few reasons why you should give serious consideration to the Audiant 80i integrated amplifier.

Form and function

The 80i has recently been awarded the prestigious 2015 German  Plus X Award for best product in its category. The judges looked at all aspects of the product design and after careful consideration the Audiant 80i outshone all competition in its class.


The 80i stands only 67mm high (2.6 inches) high. The overall effect is a unit which is slim and sylish and befits modern lifestyles.

Monocoque chassis

Unique to the design is the use of a high quality extruded aluminium monocoque chassis. At 3.5KG’s, our customised extrusion forms the backbone of the structure of the amplifier. This beautifully finished piece of aluminium is visible for all to see.


Each 80i has a nett weight of a staggering 11.5 kg (25 pounds). Compare that to our competitors units. It perfectly embodies our belief in producing a highest quality amplifier which will go the distance.

Upside down

The entire electronic assembly of the Audiant 80i including the toroidal transformer is mounted in suspension from the aluminium chassis. This unique mounting method makes best use of the aluminium extrusion as it not only highly visible but it also forms the heat sink for the amplifier.

Oversized toroidally wound transformer

We could have tried to squeeze every last ounce of performance out of the toroidal transformer. Instead we decided to be generous and fitted a toroid which weighs 4KG (9 pounds) and measures 15cm (6 inches) in diameter. These things we do because designing and producing a highest quality product is our core philosophy. The resulting effect will enable you to enjoy bass with control and authority.

80 Watts

Delivering 80 watts into an 8 ohm load and 130 watts into 4, the 80i has more than enough delivery to drive almost any matching floor standing loudspeaker. In years to come, you decide to switch out your loudspeakers. The good news is that your 80i will most likely be retained on account of its high powered robust design.

Control transformer

The 80i uses a second toroidal transformer for the purposes of control. By using a separate low VA power supply within the amplifier, it ensures that the standby power consumption is less than 1W. Most others simply leave the main toroid energised and simply don’t mention the fact that even in standby, their products will still draw significant amounts of energy.

Touch panel

The minimalist looking front panel design belays the fact that the user still has full access to all manual controls. We employ capacitive touch panel technology which enables you to manually select all inputs simply by touching the appropriate icon on the front panel. 

Dimmable display

With the 80i remote control, you can dim the front panel backlit display to suit your individual tastes.

Volume knob

The single most important user interface is volume control. Over the years we have tried small up down buttons, but after all our experimentation we have come full circle and included a high quality and simple volume control knob. Note the way it has been neatly incorporated into the front panel extrusion. The extrusion is milled and the knob is allowed to recess back into this, to give the user the impression that the front panel and knob is one unit. 


We include a full function remote control which provides full access and control of all user parameters. You can also bring the 80i in and out of standby using the remote control.

Rear panel

We have covered every possibility. Generous binding posts, all the I/O you could dream of, HT bypass, Phono inputs and the list goes on. 

PCB designed and manufactured in New Zealand

Our surface mount pcbs are all manufactured by a specialist company in New Zealand. We control every aspect of our design. We can call our sub contractor and speak to him immediately and in detail about any aspect of the assembly. Frankly these is no better way to ensure highest quality.

MM phono stage comes as standard

The 80i comes complete with on board provision of a moving magnet phono preamplifier stage.

External phono stage no problems

In the event the internal phono stage is not what you are seeking, we also make provision for you to employ an external mm/mc phono stage of higher specification such as our new Audiant series VP3. To make the experience as seamless as possible, the amplifier can be opened up internally and 4 small jumpers can be moved to an alternate position on the main pcb. With these jumpers in their alternate position, you can now use the same dedicated phono input on the 80i and effectively bypass the internal phono stage. 

Analogue inputs

3 analogue inputs including phono come as standard with the 80i.

5 input Digital to Analogue Conversion (DAC)

The Audiant 80i features 1 x USB, 2 x Optical, 2 x coaxial inputs. (5 digital inputs). The user can simultaneously connect all 5 inputs and simply select between them from either the front panel or remote control. USB connectivity enables you to play lossless music files from either your computer HDD or CD drive. The 2 optical inputs enable you to connect to devices such as an Apple TV, through which you can wirelessly stream music from your cell phone or ethernet connected home server. 2 coaxial connections enable you to bypass your outdated CD player digital to analogue conversion stage, enabling the 80i internal high quality DAC to perform this function instead.


Our USB input employs asynchronous technology. An asynchronous USB input takes effective control over the system clocking function. This means the 80i buffers serial data coming from the computer and our internal clock takes presidence, controls the system and calls for data when required to maintain internal buffer integrity.


The on-board Audiant 80i upsampling 24-bit/96kHz digital to analogue converter (DAC) enables high fidelity sound from any digital source.

Control itunes via USB

When using the USB input, the Audiant remote can control iTunes or similar music applications, such as Windows Media Player.

Home theatre input

The 80i seamlessly integrates into a home theatre system with the simple touch of  the system remote control.

Surface mount

We make extensive use of surface mount electronic technology throughout our design. Surface mount is superior in as much as it enables our design to work towards tighter tolerances and superior internal layout.


Mosfet output devices are at the heart of all Perreaux amplifiers and provide a detailed and dynamic sound that embodies the soul of the music for the past 41 years. We feel they are superior to conventional BJT transistor technology and importantly the overall sound is smoother and more tube like.

Individually assembled and tested

Each unit is assembled and tested by skilled Perreaux employees. Every function of the amplifier is tested for functionality and to ascertain that it meets and exceeds our published specifications.

Firware upgradeable

In order that the 80i is compatible with latest versions of Windows and Apple operating systems, it can be connected via USB to your computer and the latest version of the firware can be downloaded and reflashed from our website into the 80i. 

Test/performance certificate

Each 80i comes with its own individually signed test sheets. This is your proof that your unit meets and exceeds our published specifications.

External power cord

The 80i comes as standard with a loose power cord which greater flexibility for you to swap out of an aftermarket substitute should you desire.

Widely reviewed

With approx 30+ reviews directly accessible from our website, the 80i is our most widely acclaimed product ever.

41 years

Perreaux was formed in new Zealand in 1974 and has been in business making amplifiers for 41 years. As such we are experienced and you can be assured that the Perreaux brand is going to be around. We feel our brand pretty much speaks for itself. You can contact our company and we will always try to be of assitance. Want immediate assistance, just call. 

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand

For the past 41 years we have worn this badge with pride. 

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