Singing in harmony

  • 4 Oct, 2016
  • Perreaux

My first recollection of Barbara Streisand was when she starred in a 1968 movie called 'funny girl' Even then, you knew she was special and has gone from strength to strength since that time. In particular she has an incredibly silken voice which is a pure delight to listen to. I recently chanced across a video featuring Barry Gibb and Barbara Streisand, where they sing 'Guilty'. it has a rare quality about it. Both are great great singers, but when they sing together, and with possible backing vocals from Robin Gibb, it is such a great example of singing in harmony.

Barry Gibb first started singing in falsetto when his band 'The Bee Gees' stared in John Travoltas 'Saturday Night Fever' What an incredible time it was. Priceless memories!


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